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3 Reasons Why Being Unemployed During the Holidays Has Been a Blessing

Reason #1: I realize how fortunate I still am.
So many people, in this country and across the world, still have less than me. My wife and I were able to pay our bills this month and were still able to get the kids presents for Christmas.

And as cliche and trite as it may sound, we all still have our health. Sometimes, that’s overlooked.

Reason #2: I can put in extra time into the relationships that matter to me.
My faith, my wife and my kids are all important to me and I get to spend extra time with them during the holidays. That’s not awful.

Reason #3: I have time to obtain career perspective.
What do I want to do now? What matters to me when it comes to employment? These are questions I’m spending a lot of time thinking about so that when I move on to the next opportunity, it’ll be the right one.

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