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Who Started This?

I didn’t start Tinderbox Consulting.

I believe in God. I am a Christ Follower. Three years ago, when I found myself unemployed (again), I was determined to get another “real job.” God had different plans.

Because I listened and obeyed God, because I had faith in his plan for me, Tinderbox began. And because God is so good – despite my faults – Tinderbox remains, three years later.

We didn't start the fire.

It’s also how I can be at peace, even when the business waters are rough. And why I can’t rest when a client isn’t satisfied. I feel compelled by a greater mission: to serve God by serving others. Being mission driven means I can be confident God will bring in more clients, and that I’ll find new opportunities to serve existing clients. It also means I’m responsible to apologize when I mess up with a client.

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How to get people excited about what excites you…

People get excited about what excites you.  When a keynote speaker is jacked up about a topic, it’s hard not to be jacked up as well. If your pastor is passionate about a Sunday teaching, you’re more likely to remember it and absorb that teaching.


As a marketer, small business owner, or salesperson, remember that people will listen when you’re passionate about whatever it is you do. Someone once told me, “you can’t sell it if you don’t love it.” If you truly love your product, business, website, blog, whatever, then people will be infected by your passion.

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What do you stand for?


Is it love? Is it money? Is it friends? Or family? Or your country? Your faith, maybe?

What you stand for should resonate throughout your entire existence. What you stand for should begin to define you, your actions and your motives. It should help shape your goals and how you measure success.

You don’t have to stand for just one thing, by the way. It can be several things, related or not. The point is to become passionate. To find your passion. To become invested in something bigger than yourself.

 If you don’t stand for anything, then you stand for nothing. I can’t possibly imagine what it must feel like to wake up as the person who stands for nothing.

So, what do you stand for?

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Do What You Love


Doing what you love for a living is important. For many, it’s impractical but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try. So, here are a few tips for doing what you love for a living.

First, if you can’t get a job doing what you love, I suggest volunteering. Obtaining experience is key. If you’re a graphic designer, for example, reach out to non-profits to do their designs. They are always in need of someone to do graphic work.

Second, become educated. This doesn’t always mean attending a four year university. But any kind of education in the field you love will help your resume. Even if it’s just a few classes at a community college.

Finally, keep learning. If you love working in a recording studio don’t just fall in love with one board and one way of recording music. Stay versatile and commit to staying up to speed on the latest (and in some cases, the previous) technologies.

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