Wonderful is Assumed

When was the last time you wrote a positive review about a business? I’ve probably written three positive reviews online. Ever.



Next question. When was the last time you wrote a negative review about a business? I’m good for a few each year.

Why is that? Because wonderful is assumed. It’s assumed that business is going to be good at their business. It’s assumed that the food will be awesome, the service will be amazing, the bathrooms will be spotless, and the prices will be reasonable. It’s never assumed that the room will be dirty, the bed will be unmade, the bathroom will smell, and the A/C won’t work.

So, when your business breaks the expectation – when you aren’t wonderful – customers respond. With a tweet, a Google Review, a Facebook post, or a blog comment.

It takes being extra wonderful for a customer to write a review, send a tweet or write an email.

At your business, what does being extra wonderful look like?

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