Love and Respect

You can’t expect your customers to love and respect you, your business, your company, your employees, etc. if you don’t love and respect your customers and employees. Love and respect = value.

When you take advantage of your employees, your customers will inevitably find out. Think Abercrombie & Fitch. If you take advantage of your customers, your employees will have low morale.

When you love and respect your employees AND your customers, you end up with a Disneyland or Costco experience. I’ve never had a bad experience at either place. If there was ever a situation that even came close, they jumped at the chance to fix it. Something else happens when you love and respect your employees and customers, you obtain customer loyalty – something incredibly difficult to have these days. Some businesses literally can’t buy customer loyalty. The good news is that they don’t to, they can buy loyalty with love and respect.

To further illustrate this, I wrote a blog about how to really take care of your customers. In short, if the owner of a company takes care of the employees, the employees will take care of the customers, and in turn, the customers will take care of the owner (by buying stuff). It’s so simple, but very often this concept is lost when focusing on the bottom line.

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One thought on “Love and Respect

  1. John Demke says:

    Great post! What businesses need is a long term strategy for success. If you are going to remain a profitable entity in 5 years can you really afford to treat your valuable employees like chattel? Your customers like idiots? Your brand like a windsock?

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