Tough Love

Editor’s Note: This is a pretty heavy handed post from me, but what I describe here happens a lot and hurts a lot of small businesses. 

Having a social media account that you don’t update – or worse yet, that you don’t use anymore – is like locking up your business at the end of the day but leaving the open sign on.

Unsuspecting customers walk to the doors expecting you to be open and find the doors are locked. You may not think it’s that serious, but nowadays, a large percentage of people are making decisions based on what they find online.

If they find your twitter account, the one you haven’t updated since 2010, they are going to assume you run your business with the same lack of care.

The solution is simple. You can update your social channels regularly – at least once a day, Monday through Friday – find someone else to manage them, or delete them. It’s tough enough owning a business today, don’t shoot yourself in the foot with social media.

One final thought. By ignoring an account, you miss opportunities to interact with customers, or other companies. If someone tags your business, would you even know? Worse, maybe a fan wants to tag your business – to say something awesome about your business – sees your lack of activity and decides against tagging you. In fact, they will most likely decide to not follow your business at all.

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