Trip to NYC: Part II

There wasn’t wifi on my flights to New York so, instead of being able to update my travel status real-time through social media, I decided to keep a running log of all the things I would have said if I were able to post updates, along with other thoughts and observations.

These posts pick up after I landed in Denver to change planes.

*Status updates I would have made are denoted by quotations.

8:25am PST “Denver is such an oddly designed airport. I get the whole ‘tribute to the Rockies’ thing, but it still looks weird to me.”

8:26am PST I did manage the following post on twitter, “ Haven’t been here since the infamous #Denver incident.” Don’t expect me to tell that story publicly. You are welcome to ask if we know each other in person, or ask me via privately.

8:45am PST I settle in to eat something and get online… free wifi finally. After I eat, I pack up and head to the gate.

8:50am PST I get this nagging feeling I should check my pre-arranged airport shuttle confirmation. Uh oh, I selected pickup from the wrong airport.

8:51am PST Although I have wifi and cell service, I was too distracted to post anything on social. If I did, I would have posted this, “LaGuardia and JFK are the same airport, right?”

8:55am PST On the phone with the airport shuttle company. Not only did I book the wrong airport, I booked the wrong date. This is what failing at travel looks like!

9:15am PST Boarding begins and I’m still on the phone. I think they just announced something about it being an “extremely full” flight. What is “extremely full” exactly? Does someone have to stand during the flight? What does just regular full look like? I think the airlines need a lesson in redundancy.

9:16am PST Standing in line I realize they did say “extremely full” and what that means to this particular airline is that too many passengers have two carry-on items. Which means for me, while being on the phone and missing my zone, I’ll have to gate-check my carry-on. This defeats the purpose of a carry-on. I didn’t have to pay to check it, but I still feel like praying to make sure my bag shows up on the other end.

9:26am PST I’m off the phone and on the bridge to the plane. Because there are too many carry-on items, we are all now standing on the bridge as they distribute checked item tags. Like Disneyland, we stood in line, just to stand in line again. Someone mumbles behind me, “this is a [poorly] run airline.” Except he didn’t say poorly. His word rhymed with pity. I want to agree, but then I realize that I’m already complain-blogging about my trip. I should change my attitude.

9:45am PST No kidding, it took another 20 minutes to get everyone seated. Our flight was supposed to leave by now. As I sit down I see that this plane does not have wifi either. Winning! I think I’m either going to read or nap on the plane. I fight the rising anxiety about the work I thought I’d be doing.

At this point, I decided to stop complain-blogging and do whatever offline work I could do. As I type this I’m suddenly hit with the moral of the story.

So, just like He-Man, I’m going to give you the “in today’s story” lessons of the day. First, as much as I love technology, the internet, and the cloud, I’ve realized it’s essential to be able to access your files offline. Thankfully, programs like Dropbox and, if properly done, Google Drive allow you to do this. The other thing I’ve learned is that I still love flying. I wrote this blog mostly as a joke, but it highlighted the first lesson of the day and despite how un-awesome the experience was, I still enjoy traveling.

You can read Part I here.

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