Living in a Bubble


I have been living in a bubble. Because I have been working in marketing (and sales) the past seven years, I have been surrounded by people (other than some of my clients) that are tech savvy. In a way, I’ve been inoculated from the real world. Only until recently did I realize that there are still people who don’t use computers. Ever. Or who don’t have a smart phone. I know it was probably a naive state of mind, but my peer group had me thinking we truly were living in a digital age and that everyone was participating.

What has shocked me more than the realization that not everyone is online, is that a lot of these folks don’t care! The world is rapidly changing and evolving, information and entertainment are being aggregated and housed online, and communication is easier (and in the case of texting, less human) than ever before. And still, these people are uninterested. Some are scared, sure, and that prevents them from embracing technology. But the apparent majority just don’t see the need.

This just blows my mind. Not because I think everyone should drop what they’re doing and rush out to buy a computer or smart phone. Not because I think technology is the answer to everything. But because eventually all cell phones will be smart phones. Because Apple is currently working on a flexible screen, which perpetuates the idea that computers will be on everything. And because almost every new car comes with a “navi.”

I’m not passing judgement on these folks, or even suggesting that they should do anything to change. I guess I’m just reflecting on myself and wondering if, despite practically being raised on the Internet and cell phones, will there ever come a point where I just don’t care either? Technology won’t stop evolving, but I might. At what point will I decide to stop embracing the next big thing?

I’ve also had to evaluate how I communicate and engage new people. It’s absurd and presumptuous for me to assume that they care as much about the internet, computers, or smart phones as I do – or that they use them. In order for me to be a successful marketer and communicator, I need to consider my audience and make sure I’m doing an adequate job of delivering my message.

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5 thoughts on “Living in a Bubble

  1. Its weird. Those people will be so far behind when they are finally trying to adopt the tech age. Especially those around our same age. I have a few friends who seem the think smartphones and facebook and blogging are nonsense. Boy are they lost. But I guess, if it doesn’t affect you and your bubble, then why worry about it? Well…WORK is the reason (yeah that 4 letter word). Chances are you will be faced with several technological challenges over the course of a career, and it might make the difference as to whether you are hired for a certain job or not.

    On a side note Josh, its actually Samsung, not apple that is working on the flexible screens. Apple doesn’t make anyof its technology, they just coordinate it all and code the software that runs on it 😉 Samsung doesn’t actually make the Iphone screens, but they are one of the leaders right now.

    Cheers! and Beers?

    • joshbking says:

      Thanks for the heads up on Apple, Samsung and the flexible screen!

      Appreciate the other feedback too. Despite saying I wasn’t going to judge people, there is a saying I love:

      “People who don’t get it, don’t get that they don’t get it.”

      – Colin Cowherd

      • haha love that one too. i often trouble myself with trying to explain what i dont think they get. not sure why i care. is it my duty to tell them they are doing it wrong? LOL

        “You’re Doing it Wrong!” -Some Smart Person

  2. The nonprofit world is trying to (and needing to) catch up with the rest of the world in terms of platform, technology, and social media. I have learned much from you, Josh, that I try to share with nonprofits every day! Nonprofit missions need a platform too!

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