You don’t know what you’re doing

I try to be up to speed on social networking. Sometimes, I even present a seminar or speak at a conference. But I’m not an expert. Know why? Because the second I say I’m an expert, Facebook will make a monumental change overnight (Timeline) and if I didn’t know about it or I don’t know everything about it, I get egg on my face. That said, I know more about social media than the average bear.


On occasion, I’ll make a mistake. I’ll post a typo or a twitter faux pas. I’ll be unintentionally offensive, or receive other unintended results. What inevitably happens is some local social media “expert” will chime in and point out my mistake. As if to say “you don’t know what you’re doing.”

I wrote a blog about Facebook, actually it was about the people who don’t use Facebook. I posted it on LinkedIn and it accidentally auto-posted to twitter. I was very obviously posting a about a blog. This is an actual response I received “why would you post on Twitter: “I only care about the people on Facebook.”?   I replied, “auto-post from LinkedIn. It’s a blog. So, is the rule to never talk about Facebook while on Twitter?” The response, “2 languages. Speak Twitter-ease on Twitter. Speak Facebook-ease on Facebook” plus, “I congratulate you for monitoring Twitter. Most who autopost to Twitter from Facebook, LinkedIn are not monitoring Twitter.”

Really? I’m not sure those responses make you an expert. I’m not certain it makes anyone think you’re awesome. I certainly don’t think that when someone points out my mistakes. Especially when it’s public.

Being a jerk doesn’t make you an expert, and being an expert doesn’t give you an excuse to be a jerk. Just saying.

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