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Common Sense Isn’t So Common

And I’m not a genius for discovering this, but it’s true. You hear the phrase “common sense” as if it’s something you should find in people more often than not. I’m here to tell you, the opposite might be more true.

This website exists for a reason. Maybe it should be called Common Fail instead.

Anyway, I don’t want to just rant but seriously, let’s find some common sense.


And don’t worry about what others are doing. They don’t make you important, special or valuable. I’d say something like “ignore the haters” but that’d just sound trite. So, just do your own thing. Boom.

stick to what you’re good at


Now, that’s not to say you shouldn’t try to learn something new, but you probably excel in some skillset already. Don’t reinvent the wheel. Just get better at what you’re already good at by employing a willingness to learn, adapt, and change. If you’re a Facebook expert, what you knew about Facebook 6 months ago will absolutely not be relevant today.

Additionally, you must be willing to recognize when you stink at something. And that’s ok. You shouldn’t try to be good at everything, that will result in being an inch deep and a mile wide. Excel at something and get help with everything else.

It’s a simple idea, but too many people are afraid to admit incompetency in anything. This handicaps them more than anything else they fear.

drinking on the job


I thought this article was pretty interesting. To summarize, a study was done on the effects of alcohol on memory and creativity. It was shown that those who had a .0075 BAC answered more correct questions and did so more quickly than those who weren’t drinking at all.

The study proved that alcohol frees up creative memory, but not working memory. Subjects were able to think creatively, but struggled to remember what had been done after. According to the study, alcohol improves creative memory by decreasing working memory. Working memory is defined as the system which actively holds information in the mind to do verbal and nonverbal tasks such as reasoning and comprehension

Obviously, alcohol is an issue when abused, and for some it’s an addiction. That said, maybe your company could stand to have a few “creative” Friday afternoon meetings. Brainstorm after a few cocktails (while staying under the legal limit of course) and see what ideas you come up with and what problems you solve.

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Top 10 Albums of All Time…For Me

The first thing you’ll probably notice about my list is how much pop-punk and emo is present. Three of the ten albums are from definitive pop-punk bands. Three more albums narrowly miss that category but are more emo than anything. One band is a classic hair metal (aka butt rock) powerhouse. Another was from a teenage blues prodigy. You’ve got a rock revivalist group and then Incubus, which at times, defies categorization. I’m not going to say it’s the most eclectic list ever, as there are no indie staples, alternative/grunge mentions, or anything classic rock. However, this is my list and you’re not obligated to read it at all.

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I can fix the Post Office


I think the Post Office should go in a different direction. Instead of closing branches, reducing days of operation, and activating layoffs, they should increase hours and days of operation, hire more employees, and open satellite branches.

First, the Post Office should deliver mail on Sunday. Who else does that? No one. Offer something no other delivery service offers. Think about the online implications with sites like Amazon. The world runs 24 hours a day (except in Spokane). Be the first delivery service to do the same.

Next, hire more employees and mandate customer service training. When was the last time you had a good experience at the Post Office? They should act as if they actually want your business. Instead, they seem pissed at you, as if you ruined their day just getting in line. Conversely, when was the last time you had a bad experience at a Costco? Exactly. Never.

Finally, increase locations by offering satellite branches, and then have them open earlier and stay open later. Think 6am – 10pm. Does the UPS Store do that? Nope.

Instead of reducing the effectiveness of an already outdated business model, shoot the moon and do something no one else does. You’re already losing money. Spend money and become something more. Become indispensable and irreplaceable. Boom.

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You don’t know what you’re doing

I try to be up to speed on social networking. Sometimes, I even present a seminar or speak at a conference. But I’m not an expert. Know why? Because the second I say I’m an expert, Facebook will make a monumental change overnight (Timeline) and if I didn’t know about it or I don’t know everything about it, I get egg on my face. That said, I know more about social media than the average bear.

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Why Tuesday is the worst day of the week

That’s right. Tuesday is the worst day of the week (obviously, this is totally subjective). Here’s why, after the jump…

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