Skinny Jeans and Turning 30

Maybe I’m a hater, but I’m pretty sure if you’re over the age of 30 you’re no longer a candidate for skinny jeans. Even if you’re a rock star.

After I turned 30, I started asking myself questions like, “am I too old to be listening to this music?” or “am I too old to be dressing like this?” Funny thing about turning 30, you don’t really think you’re old as much as people younger than you think you are old. A daughter of a friend unfriended me on Facebook the day after I turned 30. She said I was old now.

I asked some friends the same questions I was asking myself. The reponse was varied, but overall they concluded that people should feel free to dress how they want, and listen to whatever music they want. As long as they’re doing it for legit reasons, and not to maintain their youth. That’s called posing.

By the way, I’ve never worn skinny jeans and, now being over 30, never will.

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